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A new Practice Direction on mediation - Practice Direction 31 ("PD 31") - comes into effect on 1 January 2010. It applies to all civil proceedings in the Court of First Instance and the District Court which have been begun by writ1 except the proceedings set out in Appendix A of the PD 312. In order to assist the parties to understand the nature of mediation and how it will help the litigants to resolve their disputes, an Integrated Mediation Office together with this Mediation dedicated webpage are set up and customized to serve the litigants in court and facilitate them to seek mediation from the professional bodies.

This webpage helps you to understand what mediation is and how it works to your advantage. It also tells you about the information sessions on mediation which are run by the Integrated Mediation Office and Building Management Mediation Co-ordinator's Office, and their respective services and facilities. Apart from that, this webpage provides useful information including the contact list of mediation bodies in Hong Kong.

  1. The proceedings include those which were begun by originating summons but were ordered to be continued as if the cause or matter had been begun by writ. See Order 28, rule 8.
  2. Please refer to Appendix A of PD 31 for proceedings to which this PD does not apply.